Day 1 #OctWritingChallenge

I almost didn’t write today because the #septwritingchallenge is over. But I felt really weird about missing a day after thirty days of writing. Originally I planned to expand some of September’s stories to 1000 words. I would do that today, but I took the day off work to help my girlfriend move. Long story short I ended up putting together IKEA furniture and moving shit the WHOLE day. I’m happy to help her but her new place has no internet! So I’m writing this on October 1, 2014 at 11:15PM.. I’ll post it tomorrow. Since I can’t pull up my blog posts from September to expand on, I’ll just have to create something new once again.

He grew very familiar with the ten by ten cell. Each of its two hundred and forty stone blocks were unique. Some were wavy and cracked others completely smoothed by years of anxious hands. The rusted gate that held the world at bay was locked tight. The guards would set a tray of food down every three days. Just enough they said to keep him alive and suffering. Everyone knew that he didn’t do it, but they all expected him to take the fall when the emperor was caught red handed. He had a disgraceful private life.

It was the worst day of his life when he had to see his face over all the monitors and billboard screens.  When his own wife turned from him and sequestered the kids in their two story mansion on the royal estate. They were no doubt reimbursed and living the life with the money he earned for taking the blame. He constantly asked himself if it was worth it, two years ago he was convinced that his sacrifice would help his family in the long run, that what he did was what the state and his family’s house needed. But now, now that he had suffered the woes of isolation. He had been stripped of his accolades and treated like the scum that lives in the surrounding villages. Heavily armed guards sprayed him with water once a month. He could hardly remember the days where he would have a hot bath pulled for him every morning after sparring with the emperors finest warriors.

Taking the position of first general was known to be risky. The emperor after all could never be publicly condemned it would be blasphemy and the people would lose what little respect they had. He knew something like this would happen, but today he was ready. Two years of complacency brought him nothing, he played their game now they would play his. He heard the guard’s feet scrapping on the stone stairs that led down to his cell. The beams of his lamp sent shadows across his dark domain, he had grown fond of the darkness and the darkness had reciprocated.  The goddess had appeared and granted him some of her power. The demons people referred to were about to rise once more.


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