Day 29 #SeptWritingChallenge

Of all the days and weeks that she had spent within the temple it had to be today. She didn’t have time to prepare herself at all. The summons came in the form of a small brass sphere, when the courier set it in her palm it recognized her touch and unfurled like a delicate flower. Within its machined petals sat a tiny data chip magenta in color with the temple sigil on its casing. Her hands shook picking the small chip up it was the size of her finger nail, she reverently fed it to the database that she slaved over every day. It took a long time to clear her work from its many screens. When she finally found the message it was playing already she rewound it and carefully perched on her stool to hear what the master had to say. She drew in a breath and hit play.

The screen flickered and came into focus a mahogany shelved library filled the screen. A fat man in dark red robes took a seat in front of the camera and cleared his throat.
“Felicia O’Rorek you’ve kept your head down over the last few years. But somebody has noticed your work on the history of the southern rebellions. I would like to congratulate you on your scholastic excellence its precisely what we wish to embody here within the temple of Bacchus. Please don’t grow too excited, the attention you’ve garnered may be dangerous indeed. For the forseeable future all of your access and your affilliation with temple will be revoked. Please do not return until you have completed your service with the General.”

Felicia blinked slowly at a loss for words.She had just received the only compliment on her work within the temple after living and breathing its lifesyyle for over four years. What did he mean revoked access, she thought about all the threads and small stories that she was still trying to link together. She wanted nothing more but to continue her investigative work for the good of the administration.

“I would like to introduce you to General Juastis Rhan. The camera shook as rough hands twisted it around. The hands belonged to a small man with the military cut of an officer. He had black epaulets and a chest full of honors and awards. He leaned forward resting his elbows on the tabel and stared hard into the camera. Even the recording caused Felicia to stutter, this man was beyond dangerous. He spoke with utter authority.
“Your work on the period of time leading  up to the initiation of the southern rebellions, it has caught my eye. See I’ve lost almost three thousand good men to the downfall of the southeren perimeter. O’Rorek you are officially indoctrinated. You’ll be escorted to barracks 682 this afternoon. Your access has now been revoked please do not try to contact your friends and family as that will only make it more difficult. With your help we will quell the southern rebellion.”

The temple spokesmen leaned over the camera his heavy robes blocked the lens. “Bye Felicia!”


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