Day 28 #SeptWritingChallenge

I’m not even pretending to be in a writing mood. This will be painful indeed.

He leveled the blaster at a spot on the wall, his visor noted a heat signature that wasn’t any of his squad. Its warmth faded as the super charged rounds separated it from its life. The old hive complex had been home to thousands of the disenfranchised. They flocked there to rally together and decide what should be done about the increasingly unbalanced social classes. Too bad some corporation had decided to use the community as a testing ground. Human testing, especially the unwilling kind really put a bad taste in Erlik’s mouth. A screeching creature rushed out of the hallway and took three steps into the room before being beheaded by a an armor assisted punch, blood and brain matter spattered the walls and Erlik wiped it from his mouth.

“The fuckers are getting brave guys, lets just arm the bomb and get out of here.”

“I hear you loud and clear there Erlik, we’re a little pinned down here.” Containment squad 41c had internal communications thanks to one of the many small implants that made them a more efficient team.

“Well, these things are creatures and all but they look too human for me to be comfortable with just slaying them like this”

“Yeah, biological agents are never pretty. But I mean at least they don’t talk right? That’s always the hardest part for me.” The harsh staccato of the blasters could be heard over the comm links.
“I’m en route, hold them off a bit, I should b e able to flank them.”

He ran out of the room and down the hallway towards his squads energy signatures. Three of the things tailed him he loosed a few shots over his shoulder hoping they would fear for their own lives enough to duck or run for cover. The things were ruthless. Still humanoid in every way except for the talon like claws and the tendrils hanging from their mouths that writhed and squirmed like an octopus. They had jet black eyes and screeched an awful noise. They were bestial and primal having lost all of their humanity. Erlik couldn’t help but wonder if this biological warfare testing was a success for whatever mega corporation was behind it. Would his country really do this to another, it didn’t sit well with him. He halted and shot three well placed rounds ceasing the advance of his pursuers.

“Erlik, we’re overwhelmed down here, I think the bastards may have us for good. Cal is out of ammo and Tessa is wounded pretty bad. This might be your lucky day.”

“What about any of this is lucky, stuck in here fighting some inhuman zombie fucks is not my idea of lucky. I’m almost to the staircase, just give me another two minutes.”

“Your lucky because, you’ve been vying for my spot with command. But I know they won’t give an old vet like me the boot. There’s no honorable discharge in containment there is only death. I’m telling you right now that its too late. I order you to proceed with the plan and leave us to handle our own fate.”


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