Day 26 #septwritingChallenge

another day another day

He couldn’t focus, the thin laser sliced through bedrock and shaved a piece off the fossil. He turned to make sure nobody saw, he didn’t ruin it but it would hurt his grade and piss off archaeologists forever. Nobody likes imperfection, especially in specimens that had a chance to be spotless. It was his fault. His mind raced and gripped his hand tightly clenching fingernails into soft flesh. He tried to push everything out of his mind and focus on the task at hand but it was eating him up. He through the small laser cutter down as soft as possible on is padded stand.

“Where are you going, you there? Are you finished?” The professor flitted over to fuss.

“I just need a minute, okay.”

“You’ll have all the minutes you need young man, when we are finished at this site. Do you think the founder ever “needed a minute”?” The professor was an ass, a failed career on earth had sent him looking elsewhere for a place to bother people.

“Just leave me alone for a second okay.” he leaned over and put his head between his knees breathing deeply.” The world faded and shifted out of context before snapping back in place. He held up a hand and watched it shake uncontrollably.

“Whats wrong with me?”

The professor backed away and raised his hands up. He spoke into the mic bead on his collar.

“We’re going to need containment at site 6123c. Got one trying to break through.”

“Listen kid, whats your name? You need to calm down, remember where you are.”

He was sweating feverishly and felt like he was busting out of his one skin, tight and uncomfortable he squirmed and tried to keep on his feet. Where was he? Where was he?
“Students, I don’t mean to alarm you. Please gather your things and head towards the lander post haste.” There was a hint of desperation in his voice. He pulled out a small pistol and aimed it at the writhing kid.
“No, Stop!”

“You’re being possessed son,  you’ve crossed the event horizon, the point of no return. Think of all the things you cherished and sleep well in the void. Let death take you and know that we will not let the abomination you brought into reality survive.” He began to recite the explorers oath, swearing off feelings of strong emotion, acknowledging the time it took to learn about planet XC1B. 

The kid fell on his back and screamed in agony as his bones began to snap audibly. They shifted and his skin stretch grotesquely, barely containing the new form. His jaw cracked and hung low as needle like teeth protruded from his gums. It screamed and launched at the professor.

“Containment! Containment we got a live one. The kid was mad about something. Did he not pass his psyche test? Hurry I can’t hold it off . He’ll jeopardize the sites integrity.” He emptied his clip into the lumbering demon of the void it hardly winced as the hard runs sunk into its flesh.


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