Day 25 #SeptWritingChallenge

Worked for 13 hours today.. I’m anti motivated to do this. I know I’ll be upset tomorrow if I fail September so here goes 500 words of crap..

The dark blue van with the broken tail lights slammed the brakes and swerved hard to the right to avoid the ensuing pile up. The van slammed into the shoulder of the highway, and ground to a halt. All around them others tried to stop and get out of the way it was chaos. The creature stood in the rode batting cars aside and eating anybody stupid enough to get out.

Ten miles north of the I-35 disaster a young man sat quietly in stop and go traffic listening to his morning podcasts. He sipped his ginger tea and sent an email letting his work know that he would be late. He didn’t mind traffic, his world never slowed down unless traffic forced it. He may even finish a whole episode of The Joe Rogan experience today. Drumming his finger on the while he listened to Joe and Graham Hancock discuss the gnostics. The gnostic ideas were very odd indeed something he hadn’t heard about before. They basically thought that the ‘god’ in the center of christianity was actually a demon that won an ancient battle. It was getting to religious for him. He shut it off he learned a long time ago that religion leads to hatred. He didn’t talk about or acknowledge religion anymore. He knew he was right that’s all that mattered.

Traffic wasn’t moving in fact it hadn’t moved in almost 20 minutes. Now our young man was growing anxious he put down his book (who doesn’t drive around with a mini library in the back seat) and flipped on the radio looking for a traffic update on MPR.
“Steer clear of I-35 this morning, authorities tell us there has been a reality breach. If you know anybody that uses I-35 call them and make sure they are okay. Our sources report that there are several casualties, we are doing everything we can to find out whats going on.”

A reality breach? He frowned and got out of his car. The traffic stretched as far as he could see, the morning sun reflected off the windshields.

After an hour and a half people turned their cars off, some started walking to or away from whatever was causing the traffic jam. The man sat on the hood of his car reading, enjoying the excuse to finally do nothing with his time.

When the screams started up ahead he set his book down, something was coming towards him a lumbering mass of shadow with claws extended and a maw full of teeth it raced up the highway. The man thought about sprinting but looked down at his dress shoes. Why bother. He raised his book and told the reality breach to suck it. The creature rushed over him blocking out the sun, or maybe it killed him. All he knew was that it was dark. He floated in a void tumbling and twisting. He tried to yell out but no sound emitted. He wiped at his eyes to no avail.


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