Day 24 #SeptWritingChallenge

Another little story, I’m getting tired of these small endeavors. About time to commit to something longer.

One by one they shook their heads. It was a universal no. The large amphitheater carved into the mountain roared with the disapproval of the people. He turned and walked up the wide stairs through the stares of his community. Behind him they began the next initiation test. He gazed out on the village and decided he would leave that night. He would strike out on his own and live among the trees. He rushed to the barracks to pack before people began trickling home from the initiation.

A man stooped with age tended to the gardens out front,

“How’d it go there, I’m a looking at a new member of the Order?”

“The Order has turned me away. They wish to find me a job within the city in two weeks time. I’ll be out watering plants like you or laboring in the mines with the others.”

The old man looked down at the watering can in his hand.

“What will you do run away, go then little boy. You’ll see the terrors of the forest. You’ll be dreaming of this job when some creature is devouring you whole,”

“You just regret not doing the same, don’t act like I’m out of my mind. I trained for years and they said no!”

“Regret is a monster, to face it alone is man’s destiny, without regret are we really living.” He put down the watering can and straightened up. “Its only in the face of adversity that one can say they are truly living. The decisions you make in the next half hour will shape your future., we both know it. You just have to think would you rather be like me when you’re in your fifties ot dead?”

“The Order isn’t what they say any more, I’m telling you there’s corruption. I trained with them and attended their rituals. They aren’t the pure leaders of your day.” He ran into the empty barracks. The long rooms was empty and eerily quiet. He Raided the room stealing weapons and anything that may help him. Loaded with provisions, and survival gear he grabbed extra  boots and optimistically some winter garb. The care takes was nowhere to be seen when he left his home for good.

All of the entrances were heavily guarded but he was an order initiate he knew about holes in the perimeter. He slipped through the one they dared each other to go out of when they were younger. He slipped beneath the canopy heading south. He walked all evening as the sun slipped away he looked for a place to sleep for the night.

His dreams were full of the stories his grandpa used to tell. Stories of other cities out beyond the forest. Where people lived outside of the Orders domain.

A sharp kick brought reality back quickly. He sputtered for air.
“Tie him up, lets get the hell out of here.”

He could just barely see in the twilight. The things holding his things and tying his hands behind his back were not human.


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