Day 22 #SeptWritingChallenge

Here is day 22.

They had only been driving for an hour but the mountains had already swallowed them up. The black Honda civic weaved through their crags and valleys. They towered around the car and cast deep encompassing shadows. The music blared as they both took in the scenery.

“I can’t wait to get there.”

“Its so worth the drive, but the sun sets a lot faster than I expected here.”

“Yeah, I mean its cool now, with the sunset.” He motioned at the valley they were passing.

Deep purple shadows contrasted over the golden landscape. The mountains temporarily released them and they could see for miles. He slowed down for her to take a picture of the scene and tried to smile for a selfie with her. The car veered towards the cliff edge and fishtailed in the gravel as he took control of the wheel.
“What the fuck Jake?” She put her seat belt on and told him to slow down.

“Yeah, probably a good idea, to be honest I haven’t really seen their headlights behind us in a bit. Harrison knows where he’s going he sped off like mad he’s probably already there.”

“Don’t stress babe, just slow down and wait for them.”

He pulled over to the side of the road when the next passing lane came up and hit the emergency lights. He reclined his seat and stretched out as best he could. He pulled her over and stroked her face pushing back the stray hairs over ear like always did. She blushed in the sunset and they passed the time waiting for their friends to show up.

He walked back to the car and checked his phone. Nobody had passed by them yet. It was almost pitch black and getting cooler. The trunk was open and Elle was digging around in her bag. He slapped her ass and she punched him in the shoulder.
“Oh so you want to fight huh.” He raised his hands up and motioned at her with a Morpheus like come-hither.

She ran at him and jumped in the air, as their world exploded with light. He caught her and stumbled toward the road as the pickup truck blared its horn. It raced down the road honking wildly.

“Its about time”  She screamed. They ran to the car.

He checked each pocket, the void between seat and console, on both sides, the glove box the inefficient space under the seats. under the car, in the trunk next to the road and in all the bags.

He was pacing back and forth cursing intermittently. He checked his phone the text he sent hadn’t even been read yet. 

 “Come on!”

“Whats wrong, they’re here just chill. Why do you hate looking for things so much. Think of it like a game, where are your keys?”

“Well, first of all you’re enslaved to an object when looking for it. When it eludes you thanks to your own foolishness in misplacing it. Its maddening right?” 

She Laughed. “Just go check where you peed so we can continue this lecture on the way.”


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