Day 21 #SeptWritingChallenge

Some brainstorming for my nanowrimo idea. For those unaware NaNoWriMo is a mad dash through the month of November to complete the rough draft of a novel.

The sunset cast purple and gold shadows across the mountains, they stretched out across the desert as if running from nights embrace. on the cliff edge beside him the bonfire was ready. Still tied and gagged to his horse his captive cursed him in inhuman tongues. As the sun had its last word, his eyes narrowed and flashed in the parting light. He rushed over to the struggling possessed and backhanded him for silence. He was gagged and had a black hood pulled down over his head, the innocent eyes always gave him pause. He preferred to not see them, no matter how many he eradicated, they were as vicious as can be but he could always see that pleading piece of humanity that remained in the eyes. Having obviously bitten through the gag in the silence, the possessed began to scream in an attempt to summon its kin.  This one was smart, but the man was smarter he had already warded the cliff, no exra-realm dues ex machina was coming to save the day. He ran a calloused finger over the long scar on his chest, he had learned that lesson long ago He dragged the wailing figure to the fire and bound him to the ground. Spread eagle over the fire, the man knelt down and struck a spark into the kindling. The flame wavered but took hold gradually it licked up at the back of the possessed man. The voice coming from is was utterly primal, an ancient language that the man could hardly understand. He was cursing his future and swearing vengeance, the typical dribble from those being cast out of the material realm after fighting so hard to gain a foothold. He smiled as its death screams echoed into the desert, eventually having enough he turned and walked into the darkness.

He was a ghost, a drifter. Following fleeting clues to track down those possessed by the other realms. He wasn’t the only bounty hunter there were others but they were solitary for good reasons. Each had survived a possession and somehow come out on top, literately imbibing them with a personal demon for the rest of their life. The barely contained entropic force made one unstable to say the leaset. They were outcasts even among one another, most had made pacts that haunted them for life. While riding through the desert onto the next town, he came upon a wagon with a busted wheel, one mule stood content and grazed on the brown grasses. An old man was stooped over the wheel he looked up as the rider approached. He smiled as if greeting a loved one, and ushered him closer. The horse grew uneasy and stamped the ground throwing up a cloud of dust. The old man flashed and appeared next to them causing the horse to rear up and throw the man to the ground. He landed hard and struggled to catch his breath. The old man leaned over and smiled. His eyes were jet black orbs, his features kind and patient. His wicked smile stretched from eat to ear revealing sharp stained teeth. It spoke with a chorus of voices, alternating from chest rattling basses to ear shattering trebles. “Did you miss me boy?”


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