Day 18 #SeptWritingChallenge

Today I found an interesting piece by Rachel Shayne (thanks @junkyard_cowboy) that’s more than worthy of a short story. So much is going on here I’d love to hear her explanation and to know what inspired it. Here’s my attempt at telling a story for this pic.

(remember these are essentially zero drafts, I spat this out and haven’t read through it yet.. Someday I’ll get around to creating some proper stories :-))

The red carpeted platforms shifted and rearranged them selves under his feet as he walked across the chasm of darkness. There intricate orbits around one another made a pathway that was constantly rebuilding itself. Like a deck of cards being shuffled, the deck of cards remains whole but its components endlessly move around. It was showy and hardly phased him he strode confidently towards the unknown. He may walk right out of his meditating body back on the mortal plane or he may just walk forever until his physical form dies of starvation. No doubt his maids would see to his funeral and he had devised a will long ago. His profession was a rare one and incredibly dangerous to boot. He communed with they elders, those who shaped humanity in their likeness and built that cosmos, within its various planes of existence the Elders live in Hithewa. He had been here thousands of times it wasn’t the journey that got you but the destination, he had been through decades of mental training to prepare for this bought with Mama Styxia the queen of the dark plane and eater of lost souls. Kaskin’s soul had been extracted and stored on the mortal plane for safe keeping. He didn’t know what would happen, most expected him to never come back. The ever kaleidoscopic platforms were hypnottizing to watch, he had to catch himself from walking right off the edge when the floor stopped extending beneath his feet. The platforms of red swirled faster creating a might throne, Kaskin craned his head back as far as he could, the throne stretched to oblivion. He prostrated himself putting his hands on the floor and his face down by his knees, he murmured the ancient words his order had survived off of for centuries, safe passage through Hithewa was granted to the Shamans during a time when the Elders were suffering and needed assistance. The shamans led groups to their deaths for years to replenish the Elders strength. Kaskin himself had probably led thirty groups through the spiritual journey, they would arrive on Hithewa and he would usher them forward never to see them again. He tried not to think about what he had done, he wasn’t really human. All the time spent traveling the planes left his physical form rather decrepit, people looked down on him and discriminated against those with his ‘affliction’ as they called it. “Easy Kaskin Giovanni son of Jira and Gaemon Giovanni, your thoughts of contempt they excite me..” The icy voice in his head gave him a splitting headache. Tears streamed from his clenched eyes, she demanded that he open them and look upon her, he shook his head and resisted the temptation to witness one of the five elders. “I have been sent by my order as a representitive and a sign of good faith, the Shamans of the physical plane would like to assure you that they are in your service just as they always have been. I’m here to serve my queen.” The cackling laugh pierced his mind and caused him to see stars, the world tilted as he fought to maintain consciousness. The air around him grew icy his hood was flicked back with inhumane precision considering the size of the elders. A beautiful hand with sharp black talons cut a square into the fabric in front of him, the hand was three times his size and as the red carpet split darkness poured out. It swallowed his hands and began creeping up his arms. Before his face was encompassed he saw the face of the soul eater and lost his mind.


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