Day 17 #SeptWritingChallenge

17 whole days! This little story is inspired by the dungeons and dragons session I ran tonight. Enjoy.

Holding his side the ruffian was hardly running, more like limping, he was breathing hard moving straight towards the house. To call it a house was an overstatement, it had collapsed due to a fire years ago, it was looted and collapsed on itself again. nothing but rubble. The plot overlooked the town, it was overgrown with tall grasses and creepy wine. The kid tripped and started dragging himself away, they didn’t need to run to catch up to him. Bannon stuck his sword in the ground “Where are you going there, don’t you want to stay with your friends?” The kid started crying “You killed them we didn’t do anything!”
“Maybe you didn’t do anything, but you know damn well that the red-brands are trying to run this town. Turns out the town is sick of it and we’re here to put an end to it. Want to tell me why you were coming up here before you bleed out. Maybe I’ll let my buddy here heal you up if you’re helpful.” The young man was on his deathbed sprawled in the grass, he wouldn’t make it through the night with out the clerics help. He coughed blood and Bannon could see him give up, he told him about the base under the fort, about Glasstaff and the redbrands being told to set up here and take control. He told them about a secret passage behind the house that lead down into the catacombs of the Redbrands.

Bannon stopped him at secret passage, “Where’s this at again?” The kid pointed and Bannon strode off towards the entrance. He waved at Tavis who placed a blessed coin on the kids chest and said a word of peace before following. “Wait! Help, you said you help me, please.” Bannon walked back and spit on the ground next to him. “Traitors never win, you should know that.” The left the dying man to his demons and strode down a narrow staircase dug next to the foundation of the house. A large wooden door sat at the foot of the stairs, Bannon didn;t wast ¬†asecond a knocked loudly with the hilt of his sword. Tavis looked around nervously and scratched his bald head, “Shouldn’t we wait around for the others, if this really is the Redbrands base then..” Bannon had pushed his way inside, Tavis wasn’t one to stand around alone at night so he once again followed suit. The room before them was full of barrels of apples and salted ham, sacks of rice and lour sat along the walls with stocke piles of linens and tools, a well in the center of the room reflected the dim torchlight sending flickers of gold along the walls. They stood there debating about which of the two doors they should go through next. Out of the corner of Tavis’ eye he spotted a small notch in the wall that looked like a handle he walked over to the smooth cave wall and tried the latch, the stone slide effortlessly out and the cave wall swung open to reveal darkness, Tavis lit a torch and held it high allowing Bannon to take the lead.


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