Day 16 #SeptWritingChallenge

Got this writing prompt from a blog called “Writing Prompts that don’t suck.”

Use all of these nouns in your story: an unlabeled can of soup, a cigarette pack full of m&m’s, an unrequited crush. 

Everyday Lewis had one can of soup and cup of broccoli for lunch, had two coffee breaks for exactly 15 minutes, he tried to learn Spanish on the way to work and drove home in silence stopping at the gym just long enough to feel self conscious.The news depressed him and well to be honest most things depressed him, he had a wicked nicotine addiction to boot. He took his two cigarette breaks with peers, well he liked to think of them as peers. The breaks were perfectly timed to overlap the beginning and end of Alicia’s lunch break. She worked in the office next door and he only knew her name because of the lipstick stained coffee cup of hes that he recovered from the trash. Every day he planned on standing suavely next to the door and saying something smooth, he would play his part in his head over and over, but every time she walked by and he awkwardly looked at his phone or took a drag from his American Spirit. Rain or shine he failed.

All of his lunch soup cans had the labels taken off, when he was a kid his mom would pull them all off so he would be surprised when he made himself dinner after school. He still did it and always tried to guess what was in the can, vegetable, chicken and noodle or maybe even ravioli, Lewis often pretended he was clairvoyant. One afternoon he knew he had Ravioli it couldn’t be anything else, sure enough as he worked the metal lid off he say the dark red of the italian sauce and smiled a little. He wondered if this was it, the on set of his clairvoyance, his powers were finally manifesting, he would leave the corporate world and fight crime or maybe commit it. Either way it would be exciting and novel. Lost in his own thoughts he didn’t notice Alicia standing outside with a friend smoking. His hands trembled as he pulled out a cig and went outside. Caught up in the moment he already regretted it as he pushed the door open.

Alicia stood with her arms crossed, Lewis held out his cigarettes and finally spoke to her. “Uh, cigarettes.. if you uh want one?” he delivered his line like an amateur, the inner critic started up instantly. She declined without acknowledging Lewis’ presence  she just said “Cancer?” and kept talking to her friend, “Anyways I wanted some chocolate so bad earlier, when Samantha got her chocolates. Who are those even from, she’s never mentioned anybody?”  Lewis tossed his unfinished cig and had his lunch alone like always. Later he looked away from his work (work to dry to mention further) he noticed Alicia’s friend outside smoking again as he got some M&M’s from the vending machine. Suddenly he got an idea, he dumped all his cigarettes out and poured the M&M”s in the box. She said she wanted chocolate right? He ran outside and startled her friend, “Here!” he said shoving the box in her hand she took it hesitantly and looked inside. “You’re weird.”  she sneered. “Can you give that to Alicia she wanted chocolate earlier, and well I, uh..”. He paused. “Yeah, sure” She said. Lewis watched her walk back inside dropping his box of chocolates in the trash by the door. He had taken too long on his break and his phone chimed with a warning from his manager.


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