Day 15 #SeptWritingchallenge

My girlfriend and I were walking around the lake tonight when we noticed an old man slowly making his way to shore. So I used that as a writing prompt, here’s the work in progress.

Damn it was cold, he rolled over and reached down for the blankets. Something wasn’t right his eyes shot open, he was deep in some body of water, large cinder blocks were tied to shoulders and legs. He struggled to get a hand free before slipping out of the amateur restraints, the last thing he remembered was the hipster over priced Mexican restaurant. They had chose it randomly he knew it was a bad idea when the hostess was white, but the quality of last nights meal was hardly important. Somebody had tried to kill him, maybe poison in his margarita or mugged him in the bathroom. His mind was always cloudy after death, it didn’t hurt bad but the following weeks were always difficult to get through. He floated up towards the surface, it was either sun up or sun down, he kicked his feet lightly until his head broke the surface. They could have at least thrown him in the lake naked, his bespoke suit and leather boots were probably beyond repair. Immortality seemed to solve most monetary issues but a good suit was something hard to come by. He saw a beach in the distance and began to lackadaisically swim in that direction. The sun was setting a brisk fall evening was setting in. Couples and friends walked around the lake on the broken pathway. He glared at them as his feet reached the muddy lake floor. he began to trudge out of the lake taking his time with each step. Lost in thought he couldn’t remember the night before. He went out with Marissa again, did she kill him, for what though? He was very careful to hide his wealth from her but he had always been good at finding the crazies so who knows. The first four or five deaths he went on a rampage to find his killer leaving a wake of blood that often forced him to relocate. He had traveled from Belgium to Spain to Mexico and now to the United States. Death was only an inconvenience. Its not like he was living for anything, immortality was unbelievably dull. He had done it all and lost his desire for humanity. He stood waist deep in the lake ruminating, it was almost dark he didn’t want to attract the laws attention so he walked the rest of the way out of the lake. A young couple stopped and snapped a picture of him as he began stripping out of his soaked and muddy suit. He normally wasn’t into younger folks but he was spent so anything would help. He smiled at them and approached, oh they ran, they all do really, who wouldn’t? But, it was easier when he ran with the dead, one after the other he picked them off. Greedily he devoured their souls and made use of the guys dry clothes. He caught the bus downtown, he had a woman to visit and a drink sounded nice, living forever really wasn’t worth it.


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