Day 14 #SeptWritingChallenge

Boom two weeks of daily writing and world building. I’ve already turned my eyes towards the next hurdle EDITING… yikes

He sat down on the old paisley couch, it creaked in protest. As he settled into his throne, the national anthem was wrapping up. He muted the TV and yelled at one of the cats. His Mom wouldn’t quit bringing cats home. He was like Willard but with cats. At least he liked to think that he communicated with him, Greg settled down next to him and purred begging for one of the chicken nuggets on the platter he sat down with. He took a swig of his rum and coke and turned the game on. “Not now Greg, Can’t you see the Stallions are playing?” He watched in awe as his favorite players streamed onto the field through a tunnel of cheerleaders and philanthropic organizations. The voice from the other room almost caused him to spill his feast, he saved enough from his paycheck to have a chicken nugget feast and handle of rum every Sunday. He was addicted to more games than most could name but professional football was his guilty pleasure. If his friends at the comic shop knew what he did Sundays they would surely make fun of him. The game started and the stallions had possession their jade green uniforms contrasting against the off white of the away team. Number sixteen, Hanz Johnson threw a quick pass to his tide end Carl Jastin, Jastin caught it at the 45 yard line and took off running. He was a good acquisition for the stallions, his speed was unprecedented he dodged four tackles. Nobody in the stadium saw his long stride take him into the end zone for a touch down. All eyes were turned upward as something or someone descended from the heavens. A small metal ship with an avian prow circled the stadium and landed gently among the players on the field, the players having already began running for their lives didn’t notice as the hatches opened. Tall black humanoids with multi jointed limbs walked awkwardly in Earths gravity for the first time in millennium. The peered around at the awe struck crowd through the sites of long metal tubes that could only be fire arms.

The platter of chicken nuggets shattered on the floor sending porcelain and chicken pieces flying Pete stood up and rubbed his eyes. Chaos erupted in the stadium as more and more of the small space craft landed. The barricaded the doors and all of America watched as the fans were directed into large cargo vessels that were escorted by the sleek cruisers. They did so willingly as if under a spell, with blank stares and slack jaws they poured out of the stands and into the clutches of whatever had landed. The humanoids clicked at one another and admired their work, the president interrupted the broadcast saying the closest military units were partticipating in some war games and were slow to respond he assured the world that the Stallions fans would not be lost, he didn’t explain what the creatures were but said the government knew they were coming. He began to detail the creatures unique biology, Pete jerked awake and spilled his chicken nuggets, the game was over, the Stallions lost.


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