Day 13 #SeptWritingChallenge

Day 13!

With practiced grace they lifted out of the holding chambers and rotated towards the south. The raced out of the capital, a few saw them and began running home. Most missed the two tons of explosives that zipped through the air towards the southern republic Tuesday morning. Everyone knew about it an hour later when the south launched their arsenal as well. It was senseless, the media outlets were blacked out. the citizens of the north tried to live on in vain. Neighborhoods would be gone over night, the war showed no signs of ending. Lisa trudged home from her job at the arms warehouse, at least work was good she told herself. There may be a promotion for her after the war. She was in relatively good spirits, that is until a bomb leveled her neighborhood of the city while she was at work one day. Most went elsewhere to stay with family or start anew. Lisa and a few others stayed in the vicinity. The kept working and pooled their money together to set up a small communal building. She helped them organize and kept the finances straight, there were 15 of them. They didn’t have a plan or a goal other than to survive, but as time passed and the war pressed on grinding its treads across the cities innocence survivors trickled in. Word was spreading of “Lisa’s redoubt”, she didn’t realize when it turned from a democracy to a theocracy, but they had crossed that line into cult and when they did there was no looking back. Rebellious material began circulating through the redoubt, the community was fortified with blast shields and walls of steel and concrete. The local rulers were too busy in their international machinations to even think about a sickness from within. But they were sick and they were growing. Lisa was worshiped and treated like a goddess, at first she wasn’t receptive of their admiration but she warmed up to it. She even considered herself special. In the most secret circles of her cult they discussed challenging the state to be recognized as an independent entity. It was a pipe dream of course they were but a drop in the bucket of humanity that sprawled out from the central hive of the northern republic.

Years passed, the people were kept in the dark about the war that may or may no thave been resolved half way across the world. The line between military and civilian was maintained and no information had been leaked. Lisa had grown stronger, thousands answered to her. Their compound was significant and growing by the day. Block by block she was promising something that she would have to deliver sooner or later. She unfortunately didn’t get to make that choice, one afternoon ten tanks rolled up to the fortifications of Lisa’s redoubt. A warning shot woke everybody before a blaring message said to exit the fort to avoid injury. They called her people traitors, she wouldn’t have that. Lisa walked calmly to the metal barricades that served as gates. She motioned and they parted just enough for her to walk through before slamming shut. With practiced grace Lisa walked out to handle her this for her people.


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