Day 12 #septWritingChallenge

Day 12! I worked three jobs today..

The cracked sidewalk went on and on, littered with trash or worse. He averted his eyes from one gruesome scene and kept pushing forward. There was no reason he would go back now. He tried to console himself, to lift the inner turmoil that plagued his progress. He stepped softly down an abandoned 3rd avenue, right past Chestnut and onto Edgecomb. His childhood home sat dark and brooding at the end of the street. 503 Edgecomb, his childhood home, his drunken brothers home still. If Mark wasn’t home he might lose it, crazy or not he was resourceful. He tried the blood red front door, it was locked. The neighborhood was quiet but you never knew. he peered into the window and tapped lightly on the glass. The hall way beyond was empty of all the furniture it had had just a week ago. Wild eyes popped up in the window sending Jack to the ground, he nerves were shot. He started shaking uncontrollably, the door creaked open and Mark peeked around the door, “Sorry brother, you never know who’s tapping these days. have you seen the news by chance?” James jumped up and laid into his brother with a right hook, “Don’t mess with me man, let me in!” He looked behind him once more before running inside. He instantly felt better like something couldn’t see him anymore. The eerie feeling that your being watched had accompanied him since his the grocery store. His brother closed the door behind them, Jack noticed he had two by fours and some nails next to the door and every window, a hammer hung from one of his belt loops. He cracked open a beer and took a swig. “Well” he said, “Well, come on Mark it was just last week, we were trashed and you told me that even though I’m a shit brother you’d still want to face the zombie apocalypse with me”
“Now, I wouldn’t say anything like that, first of all. These aren’t even zombies, I mean damn they had the whole house before I could wake up properly” Jack winced at the news, he had suspected but hearing that his sister in law and his nephews were dead still hurt. He didn’t know what to do, in shock himself from witnessing the whole thing. When everything was lost he was still supposed to console somebody else. He chuckled, “You know Mark, you’re an asshole, and I’m sorry but we’re done. Did you see those things?” Mark stood up fast sending his chair flying, his eyes were teary though and he walked into the kitchen to wipe them.He yelled out,  “They’ll be here at sunset, that’s when they came yesterday, I’m surprised it took you so long to get here?”. He returned and set a pistol down in front of Jack and two boxes of ammo. He grabbed a random bottle from the table and took a long silent swig. he smashed the bottle, and smiled. “I can’t wait.” They sat in silence awaiting their fate.


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