Day 11 #SeptwritingChallenge

Now this one was going somewhere but its late so I stopped at 502 words. I was about to detail the ‘fully compatible interface’ that the sales rep mentions. Perhaps later. In the mean time enjoy this tiny snippet of a story, forgive the grammatical errors and get yourself on iOS 8 asap.

He waited in line for almost four days, his girlfriend brought him food the first day. He didn’t think he had a girlfriend anymore, his phone died and he drained the backup battery to 25% before finally shutting it down on the second day. If only he brought something to do, all around him people sat reading or slept in impromptu hammocks. He already met the family waiting in line ahead of him, hoping to get an iphone 10 for their oldest daughter. He had already heard about said daughters brilliance and star studded past, no doubt she would join some sorority and make her parents “proud”. The had nothing to give each other the family had brought food but somebody was sitting on the cooler at all times. As the lines for the new devices got longer over the years the crowds got more defensive. The lines became a no mans land where power and food were all that mattered. Its not like it would be hard to prepare for a 3-7 day wait he kicked his past self over and over for spending too much time getting high and gaming with his online friends.  Why was it that his past self felt so distinctly different, he’s not that man now and he’s not the man he was this morning. He looked around and wondered how the others perceived their past and future selves. Most likely they treated the past and future versions as strangers, enemies almost. Making mistakes and procrastinating when they know they’ll pay for it later, blaming the past mistakes and holding grudges against themselves. Lucas continued his philosophical musings out of sheer ennui.

A murmur came at the front of the line near the bulletproof glass of the store front. The door had slid open just an inch, a small man pushed his face against the store and shouted for people to get back. They, the people that is eventually go the idea and made enough space for the small man to come out. He held a roll of blue carnival tickets, clearing his throat he told them only 100 of the tickets were marked with a small stamp. The receipents of these stamped tickets would receive a prototype iPhone that came with “completely interactive interface”. This wasn’t some crowd of every day consumers, some of the top tech bloggers waited in this line, every pined to be one of the lucky winners. The crowd pressed against the storefront anxiously. The little man began handing out tickets one at a time, the people waited for somebody to get a stamped ticket the 14th man lit up exclaimed realizing he was one of the winners. A large woman beside him ripped the ticket out of his hands, as the iphone 10 riot of 2023 erupted. The man and his sensible blue tickets were crushed in the rush, the doors were flung open and the crowd poured in looting and attempting to get away with anything and everything.


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