Day 10 #SeptWritingChallenge

10 whole days of forced writing, its not getting any easier. 

Picking through the rubble, Tso couldn’t find much of value. They weren’t expecting anything grand but this is abysmal, the goblins were hardly living. Spending so much time breaking in here only to retrieve some taverns missing shipment of missing ale felt hollow. It always did, rinse and repeat they ran the towns errands for bits of gold here or a healing potion there. With minor contained threats around every corner they made good money. Tso kicked a goblin over and looted its small pockets, he laid two copper pieces over its eyes and whispered a word of kindness. The killing was still painful, even after the self flagellation he was guilty about it. It was always difficult for Tso to separate work from his moral life, discipline was easier to reign in when you went all or nothing. Since he had allowed himself to raise a weapon for money again he noticed something sickening. It made him happy. His mother would have scolded him for finding pleasure and employment in such a violent industry. His heart wasn’t in it, but the debt was destroying his life. He couldn’t settle back home until the necromancer was paid off. This wild goose chase for funds was getting ridiculous. He helped pile the goblin and wolf corpses up in a pile to burn, numb to the world he thought about how his life would be after he made another two thousand gold. Two thousand, he thought about the amount, more than he had ever had at one time, was it worth it? He couldn’t decide, while happy to have his mother and brother back among the living he couldn’t exactly live with them. He knew they were happy, or more like hoped they were, at this rate he could pay the necromancer and move back home in another ten years. His bones already ached in the morning and his nerves were shot, he kicked garbage around sullenly. A metal statue clattered out from the leaves and slid across the stone floor. Tso picked it up and turned it around up close to his bad eyes, it was a woman with the head of a toad carved out of some dark green mineral. He ran his finger over its curves and decided not to tell the group about it. He dropped it in his satchel and joined them outside the cave. They were different, he told himself, they are…. he yelled out at the intruder in his stream of consciousness. Tsorian, we will rise to greatness. He ignored the voice and tried to converse with the young swordsman that made most of the groups decisions, As he talked Tso’s vision swam and the world vibrated, he shook his head and wiped blood from his nose. His companions voice had gone silent but he was still talking. Tso could only hear the sounds of his own breathing and the voice. Kill them it said take their shares and make enough to move home comfortably. He grinned wildly at his acquaintances before drawing his war hammer and swinging wildly into the group. 

– V


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