Day 9 #SeptWritingChallenge

Day 9 of random story prompt goodness.

The line moved forward an inch or two as three more squeezed onto the commuter. Trevor watched as the the small tram squeaked up its tracks towards the city. He had his brief case pinned tightly against his chest. Having been victim to one too many pick pockets over the years. Nobody had room to breathe and occasionally a fight broke out knocking a few unlucky innocent bystanders into the commuters path. This wasn’t dangerous and rarely led to more than a broken ankle or some bruises. This would further increase the time it took him to get to work increasing the time he would have to spend at work. He would now be unable to pick his wife up assuming her commute went smoothly. They would spend too much time trying to find each other and end up bickering right when they met up. He would cook something bland and she would complain that it was too spicy. They would sleep with their backs turned he would wake up too early and be back in this horrible mess in only 20 hours. To put it mildly Trevor was finished, he was through he looked up at the man standing next to him and grinned. The man averted his eyes, the brief case slid slowly from Trevors hands and hit the ground, smashing his right toe in the process. He Could hardly turn around, his throat grew hot as he looked around for a clearing to catch his breath. He tore at the buttons of his shirt and threw his blazer up into the air. He began spinning and pushing others off into the tram’s path invoking an exclamation from the crowd. Everyone doing the math again of how late they would be to work as the unfortunates were hauled clear of the tram. A booming voice came over the loud speakers next to the toll station. “Everyone stay calm, make no attempts to detain him, an extractor is en route. Please forgive the disturbance and thanks for making Terminal 1 your morning commute, as always coffee and dry snacks can be found near the restrooms.”
Trevor froze and screamed up at the speaker, “The bathroom has been unusable for a decade and fuck that coffee!”  He moshed around the buisness dressed commuters earning disapproving glares and some shoves of annoyance. A whirring noise started up from the east signaling the extractor drones approaching. Everyone ducked when the drones flew over, their long hinged legs curled underneath their carapace’s like mechanical beetles. They locked in on Trevor and hovered above him in the crowd. “This isn’t okay!” He yelled up at the stoic drone, its camera spun as it focused on him. The target lock blinked and its legs popped out, it was wrapped around Trevor in less than two seconds, all he could do was kick his feet and move his head around. The drone rose up above the sea of suits and impatience. He saw the terminal his wife was waiting at and thought about yelling to her as the drone whisked him away towards the reprocessing plant.


– V


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