Day 8 #septwritingchallenge

What a slog, I was going to quit this one at thirty words but somebody prodded me on. So thanks to my wonderful girlfriend here is day 8 of the September writing challenge. Maybe someday I’ll read it too!


The streets were empty, lit intermittently by large ornate street lights. Dry leaves created drifts against the curbs. A dog barked in the distance and a woman was shouting stories above them. The ground beneath their feet rumbled and vibrated as each of the massive grav transports hurtled over head. The orange ‘X’ beneath the grav line loomed up above them. The Heavy gravity defying barges were linked to the line by strong magnets. The new kid hadn’t said a word but he was already pacing beneath the bridge. Sparks crackled at his finger tips as he chanted, the others backed off and watched the time. In two minutes it would all start, Ace had seen it through already. He could see events an hour or two before they happened earning him a spot on the salvage squad. All of them had genetic anomalies everyone of them had something to prove, It seemed like an appropriate time to motivate the others. He made to tell everyone they would be safe before the ground in front of him exploded in shrapnel and noise. He flew to the left into the shall stream of the cities drainage. Flame and debris rained down and dark smoke billowed out from the center of the orange X. HE held his breath and plunged beneath the surface again, when he bobbed up a minute later the smoke was suffocating. He climbed out and wrapped his shirt around his face. He could see a few others moving in the distance he raised his voice and ran to them. The grav barge would fall soon they needed to run. He screamed out and the turned as the Massive barge came crashing down on top of them landing with a deafening boom. The sky above exploded in motion as large choppers soared in carrying cargo containers in low harnesses. The Set down outside the barge and the men and women of the the Fringe Corps poured out into patrol groups and guard units. Kastil came out of the last one, he sprinted at the boy and grabbed him by the throat. “Where is the boy?”

“Who?!” he struggled for air in his grip. “The new kid the tele-freak, hurry boy! I’ll find another seerer to replace you in a second.” The boy’s eyes rolled back and he reached out with his mind feeling for life sources in the wreckage there were a few faint ones but non were the new kid. He prodded the cargo barge itself and found the kid. “He’s already in the barge and working at the exit hatches!” he gasped, Kastil dropped him on the ground and laughed.  He banged on the barge and screamed at the kid to hurry.  A low warning klaxon went off as the enormous loading ramps descended to the ground. Sirens could be heard in the distance the administration would be there in a few. The kid appeared at the top of the boarding ramp, Kastil slapped on the back and the two climbed up a rope ladder attached to one of the choppers. The cargo began streaming down the ramp, the men and women herded the young potentials into the storage containers. 


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