Day 4 #SeptWritingChallenge

So day four, life is getting in the way a bit. I’m a little distracted by the NFL at the moment. Because of said distraction, I haven’t read this through yet. I feel like its quite an amateur info dump, it definitely deserves some more attention after the Seahawks win.

 I can see this story expanding, I’d love to find out just whats going on this little universe I cobbled together.

There had always been four nursemaids, they tended to their child individually and far away from one another. Extreme caution was used to maintain the idea that they were one of a kind. The nursemaids would crumble before the might of even two of the children combined. Lyra shuddered at the thought of them as a whole. She reached out to stroke her child’s cheek she thought of him as Beta but they never spoke. All of them had names none of them used them all four had never been spoken to.  Lyra noticed there was storm brewing on Beta’s southern hemisphere. She would no doubt be up all night damping the psychic out bursts. The Nursemaids cared for the planet sized manifestations. Nobody knew what they represented, the order of the nursemaids has existed since recorded history. Lyra shifted in the large command thrones. Thousands of nano wires just under her skin linked up with the throne and allowed her to project her psychic control over the child. 

The Children never moved, no orbit no anything they seemed immune to gravity just floating stationary and ancient. Beta was the size of a small sun and blue/green in color. Arcing lines of psychic energy lashed out at the cosmos at seemingly random intervals. Lyra stood between the universe and the child. With her amplified powers she alone contained beta, intercepting its tantrums. The closest planets and moons had already been destroyed but the child’s outbursts would span light years, they disrupt gravity and cause chaos on the cosmic scale. Suns that leave their solar system, dragging it behind and planets launched of their orbital paths Lyra’s home had been hit and moved so far from its sun that it froze over. The Nursemaids grew old and younger women replaced them. The children chose their nursemaids, young women across the universe had a chance. A chance to take on a pivotal role in the defense of humanity.

A low ping alerted Lyra that a shuttle was approaching. She sent an immediate message demanding it to turn back or be subject to the wrath of the nursemaids and their children. The shuttle crept close and beamed back a request to dock. Lyra began arming the her ship, she opened a direct line to the shuttle. “I don’t know who you are or what you’re thinking but I advise you to stand down.” A young girls voice answered her, “I am the fifth nursemaid” 
“There can’t be a fifth, are you mad?”
“Near my home a fifth child is spawning”  

An alert popped up on Lyra’s screen asking her to accept an incoming file transfer. She accepted and her jaw dropped. With a shaky finger she let the fifth nursemaid board.

Lyra typed up a few procedures to monitor Beta in her absence. She waited impatiently as hundreds of feet of nano wire retracted from her body and whip snaked back into the throne. She ran towards the landing bay, her bare feet slapping against the metal grating. A girl no more than 10 years old stood awaiting her, she smiled and held her hands out. “There are five now.”



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