Day 3 #SeptWritingChallenge

Another day.. Another day..

The waves crashed against the shore with a boom , He smiled at her. With a sharp hiss the waves retracted their cold claws from the earth. They ran through the spray, he couldn’t remember the last thing she said. She was so real, her hand was warm in his. The next wave roared up and she smiled back. Mel blinked and exploded into bright day light. Kas was up prodding the coals back to life, rubbing his hands together in the Autumn sun. He rolled over and pushed himself off the ground. “nothing like sleeping on the ground to really feel the years” he yawned and Kas mumbled an affirmation. He climbed out of the ditch they slept in and looked north. He grew contemplative but quickly flinched from his thoughts. It was too soon, too soon to think about anything but revenge. He clenched his fists tight to ward the memory. They came during the day, he was there, right there and he did nothing. He adjusted the shoulder of his padded leather armor and tightened the straps of his boots. He stood up and yelled down to Kas, “Todays a good day to die, no?” Kas glared up from his cooking, he clammed up after they left the vilalge. So many were slain or wose, missing. He was near the grand square where the fighting was the worst. Turning back towards the road Hale though about the ocean with Mel, they would run again. Kas climbed up the slope and tossed a hot cake wrapped around an egg at Hale. Side by side they walked towards their doom.  

The trees closed in and the forest swallowed them whole, its belly was dark and loud with unseen wildlife. Rounding one bend late in the afternoon Hale instantly jumped and drew his Broadsword with a scream. Large birds lifted off rattling the canopy above. Beams of sunlight lit up the abandoned camp, the fire was still smoking. You could smell them, why did they choose our village. What cosmic dice roll led them to our home. What eternal machinations caused her to be standing outside that moment. Kas pulled him down the trail, “Don’t think about it, I could tell you were thinking about it.” Hale pulled away and started walking. Kas pressed on, “That moment when you completely lost control of your life. When you couldn’t even grasp the situation. That uncomfortable stillness where you’re already trying to figure something out before its happened.” After a minute or two of silence Kas yelled out “Aw come on Hale we’re alive aren’t we?” A low bellow sounded from ahead as Kas’s exclamation echoed into the woods. The rumble of the creatures communicating made his rib cage vibrate. They crouched down and nodded at one another, the beasts knew. The element of surprise was fleeting. Hale stood up and ran screaming into the darkness, Kas followed close behind. Each wielding long two handed swords, they charged into the Ogre camp. The matte metal blades swung in  perfect arcs mutilating the first few. They roared in defiance as they were deafened by the Ogres scream. Without sound, melee combat is almost beautiful.  Hale could hear the distant crash of a wave followed by the white noise of its retreat. They knew there were too many. They hadn’t even killed five of them before Hale sat on the ground dying. The seductive waves of death were louder than ever. “Today was a good day to die”.


– V


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