Month: September 2014

Day 29 #SeptWritingChallenge

Of all the days and weeks that she had spent within the temple it had to be today. She didn’t have time to prepare herself at all. The summons came in the form of a small brass sphere, when the courier set it in her palm it recognized her touch and unfurled like a delicate flower. Within its machined petals sat a tiny data chip magenta in color with the temple sigil on its casing. Her hands shook picking the small chip up it was the size of her finger nail, she reverently fed it to the database that she slaved over every day. It took a long time to clear her work from its many screens. When she finally found the message it was playing already she rewound it and carefully perched on her stool to hear what the master had to say. She drew in a breath and hit play.

The screen flickered and came into focus a mahogany shelved library filled the screen. A fat man in dark red robes took a seat in front of the camera and cleared his throat.
“Felicia O’Rorek you’ve kept your head down over the last few years. But somebody has noticed your work on the history of the southern rebellions. I would like to congratulate you on your scholastic excellence its precisely what we wish to embody here within the temple of Bacchus. Please don’t grow too excited, the attention you’ve garnered may be dangerous indeed. For the forseeable future all of your access and your affilliation with temple will be revoked. Please do not return until you have completed your service with the General.”

Felicia blinked slowly at a loss for words.She had just received the only compliment on her work within the temple after living and breathing its lifesyyle for over four years. What did he mean revoked access, she thought about all the threads and small stories that she was still trying to link together. She wanted nothing more but to continue her investigative work for the good of the administration.

“I would like to introduce you to General Juastis Rhan. The camera shook as rough hands twisted it around. The hands belonged to a small man with the military cut of an officer. He had black epaulets and a chest full of honors and awards. He leaned forward resting his elbows on the tabel and stared hard into the camera. Even the recording caused Felicia to stutter, this man was beyond dangerous. He spoke with utter authority.
“Your work on the period of time leading  up to the initiation of the southern rebellions, it has caught my eye. See I’ve lost almost three thousand good men to the downfall of the southeren perimeter. O’Rorek you are officially indoctrinated. You’ll be escorted to barracks 682 this afternoon. Your access has now been revoked please do not try to contact your friends and family as that will only make it more difficult. With your help we will quell the southern rebellion.”

The temple spokesmen leaned over the camera his heavy robes blocked the lens. “Bye Felicia!”


Day 28 #SeptWritingChallenge

I’m not even pretending to be in a writing mood. This will be painful indeed.

He leveled the blaster at a spot on the wall, his visor noted a heat signature that wasn’t any of his squad. Its warmth faded as the super charged rounds separated it from its life. The old hive complex had been home to thousands of the disenfranchised. They flocked there to rally together and decide what should be done about the increasingly unbalanced social classes. Too bad some corporation had decided to use the community as a testing ground. Human testing, especially the unwilling kind really put a bad taste in Erlik’s mouth. A screeching creature rushed out of the hallway and took three steps into the room before being beheaded by a an armor assisted punch, blood and brain matter spattered the walls and Erlik wiped it from his mouth.

“The fuckers are getting brave guys, lets just arm the bomb and get out of here.”

“I hear you loud and clear there Erlik, we’re a little pinned down here.” Containment squad 41c had internal communications thanks to one of the many small implants that made them a more efficient team.

“Well, these things are creatures and all but they look too human for me to be comfortable with just slaying them like this”

“Yeah, biological agents are never pretty. But I mean at least they don’t talk right? That’s always the hardest part for me.” The harsh staccato of the blasters could be heard over the comm links.
“I’m en route, hold them off a bit, I should b e able to flank them.”

He ran out of the room and down the hallway towards his squads energy signatures. Three of the things tailed him he loosed a few shots over his shoulder hoping they would fear for their own lives enough to duck or run for cover. The things were ruthless. Still humanoid in every way except for the talon like claws and the tendrils hanging from their mouths that writhed and squirmed like an octopus. They had jet black eyes and screeched an awful noise. They were bestial and primal having lost all of their humanity. Erlik couldn’t help but wonder if this biological warfare testing was a success for whatever mega corporation was behind it. Would his country really do this to another, it didn’t sit well with him. He halted and shot three well placed rounds ceasing the advance of his pursuers.

“Erlik, we’re overwhelmed down here, I think the bastards may have us for good. Cal is out of ammo and Tessa is wounded pretty bad. This might be your lucky day.”

“What about any of this is lucky, stuck in here fighting some inhuman zombie fucks is not my idea of lucky. I’m almost to the staircase, just give me another two minutes.”

“Your lucky because, you’ve been vying for my spot with command. But I know they won’t give an old vet like me the boot. There’s no honorable discharge in containment there is only death. I’m telling you right now that its too late. I order you to proceed with the plan and leave us to handle our own fate.”

Day 27 #SeptWritingChallenge

He laid in the ditch for the night his knuckles whitened as he put the rifle between him and the world. He was shaking, low blood sugar and abject terror combined with the chill fall evening. He didn’t remember sleeping or dreaming but he obviously did. The sun was high in the sky and it hadn’t gotten a little colder. He couldn’t think of a worse time for this to happen. Outside was still fine but it was getting cold rapidly in just a few weeks it will be impossible to sleep un sheltered. He sat up and found himself staring into the action end of a semi  auto rifle. He whimpered.
“Put your hands down.” The rifle moved and he could see its owner, a scrawny middle aged whit guy wearing full camo sporting military dog tags and a miniature arsenal. Grenades clips knives and pistols strapped onto every extremity. It looked almost comical. “Just tryign ta see if you were one of em.” He offered a hand.

Hector took the hand and rose nervously to his feet, the soldier wasn’t alone a rag tag group surrounded him all armed and hollow eyed. 

“You should come with us, we’re meeting a larger group of survivors out west of here. See we got ta team up and stop being individuals. Being individuals is getting people into a early grave.” The man had a point, hector brushed the dust off him and picked his rifle up off the ground before following the group west.

They walked through deserted towns with no signs of struggle, cars pulled to the side of the road with their emergency lights still flashing. Nobody was sure how many were linked to the ritual, but it was too many. At least four thousand people disappeared yesterday. Just poof, and they were gone.

“Couldn’t we just hole up in one of these towns, they got supplies on supplies we could live like kings for a few months then just move to the next?” The red headed woman kicked a rock sending it skittering down the road. 

“You would really just let that thing go on  living? Did you even see it Kara, I mean, fuck you know if needs to die.”

“Don’t talk to me that way, I watched it eat my family. There wasn’t anything I could do! I just thought starting anew would be better, I’m tired of seeing people die Eric”

“Just shut up and keep walking we got to be there before night fall. Who knows what the monsters agenda is anyways. The giant plume of smoke that was their city could still be seen on the horizon. Like a thick line drawn to connect it with the heavens.

Hector didn’t like any of them. He already knew he wouldn’t, his mom always said that he just like his books. She didn’t know how badly he was bullied as a child. He kept to himself because thats how he learned to be safe in his formative years at Quincy Elementary. The Educational reform had him in classes of 100 or more. It was chaos, the fresh teachers couldn’t do anything to control the classes. On the day they shut the school down he was in the library. He remembers crying when the librarian told him to go home. 

Day 26 #septwritingChallenge

another day another day

He couldn’t focus, the thin laser sliced through bedrock and shaved a piece off the fossil. He turned to make sure nobody saw, he didn’t ruin it but it would hurt his grade and piss off archaeologists forever. Nobody likes imperfection, especially in specimens that had a chance to be spotless. It was his fault. His mind raced and gripped his hand tightly clenching fingernails into soft flesh. He tried to push everything out of his mind and focus on the task at hand but it was eating him up. He through the small laser cutter down as soft as possible on is padded stand.

“Where are you going, you there? Are you finished?” The professor flitted over to fuss.

“I just need a minute, okay.”

“You’ll have all the minutes you need young man, when we are finished at this site. Do you think the founder ever “needed a minute”?” The professor was an ass, a failed career on earth had sent him looking elsewhere for a place to bother people.

“Just leave me alone for a second okay.” he leaned over and put his head between his knees breathing deeply.” The world faded and shifted out of context before snapping back in place. He held up a hand and watched it shake uncontrollably.

“Whats wrong with me?”

The professor backed away and raised his hands up. He spoke into the mic bead on his collar.

“We’re going to need containment at site 6123c. Got one trying to break through.”

“Listen kid, whats your name? You need to calm down, remember where you are.”

He was sweating feverishly and felt like he was busting out of his one skin, tight and uncomfortable he squirmed and tried to keep on his feet. Where was he? Where was he?
“Students, I don’t mean to alarm you. Please gather your things and head towards the lander post haste.” There was a hint of desperation in his voice. He pulled out a small pistol and aimed it at the writhing kid.
“No, Stop!”

“You’re being possessed son,  you’ve crossed the event horizon, the point of no return. Think of all the things you cherished and sleep well in the void. Let death take you and know that we will not let the abomination you brought into reality survive.” He began to recite the explorers oath, swearing off feelings of strong emotion, acknowledging the time it took to learn about planet XC1B. 

The kid fell on his back and screamed in agony as his bones began to snap audibly. They shifted and his skin stretch grotesquely, barely containing the new form. His jaw cracked and hung low as needle like teeth protruded from his gums. It screamed and launched at the professor.

“Containment! Containment we got a live one. The kid was mad about something. Did he not pass his psyche test? Hurry I can’t hold it off . He’ll jeopardize the sites integrity.” He emptied his clip into the lumbering demon of the void it hardly winced as the hard runs sunk into its flesh.

Day 25 #SeptWritingChallenge

Worked for 13 hours today.. I’m anti motivated to do this. I know I’ll be upset tomorrow if I fail September so here goes 500 words of crap..

The dark blue van with the broken tail lights slammed the brakes and swerved hard to the right to avoid the ensuing pile up. The van slammed into the shoulder of the highway, and ground to a halt. All around them others tried to stop and get out of the way it was chaos. The creature stood in the rode batting cars aside and eating anybody stupid enough to get out.

Ten miles north of the I-35 disaster a young man sat quietly in stop and go traffic listening to his morning podcasts. He sipped his ginger tea and sent an email letting his work know that he would be late. He didn’t mind traffic, his world never slowed down unless traffic forced it. He may even finish a whole episode of The Joe Rogan experience today. Drumming his finger on the while he listened to Joe and Graham Hancock discuss the gnostics. The gnostic ideas were very odd indeed something he hadn’t heard about before. They basically thought that the ‘god’ in the center of christianity was actually a demon that won an ancient battle. It was getting to religious for him. He shut it off he learned a long time ago that religion leads to hatred. He didn’t talk about or acknowledge religion anymore. He knew he was right that’s all that mattered.

Traffic wasn’t moving in fact it hadn’t moved in almost 20 minutes. Now our young man was growing anxious he put down his book (who doesn’t drive around with a mini library in the back seat) and flipped on the radio looking for a traffic update on MPR.
“Steer clear of I-35 this morning, authorities tell us there has been a reality breach. If you know anybody that uses I-35 call them and make sure they are okay. Our sources report that there are several casualties, we are doing everything we can to find out whats going on.”

A reality breach? He frowned and got out of his car. The traffic stretched as far as he could see, the morning sun reflected off the windshields.

After an hour and a half people turned their cars off, some started walking to or away from whatever was causing the traffic jam. The man sat on the hood of his car reading, enjoying the excuse to finally do nothing with his time.

When the screams started up ahead he set his book down, something was coming towards him a lumbering mass of shadow with claws extended and a maw full of teeth it raced up the highway. The man thought about sprinting but looked down at his dress shoes. Why bother. He raised his book and told the reality breach to suck it. The creature rushed over him blocking out the sun, or maybe it killed him. All he knew was that it was dark. He floated in a void tumbling and twisting. He tried to yell out but no sound emitted. He wiped at his eyes to no avail.

Day 24 #SeptWritingChallenge

Another little story, I’m getting tired of these small endeavors. About time to commit to something longer.

One by one they shook their heads. It was a universal no. The large amphitheater carved into the mountain roared with the disapproval of the people. He turned and walked up the wide stairs through the stares of his community. Behind him they began the next initiation test. He gazed out on the village and decided he would leave that night. He would strike out on his own and live among the trees. He rushed to the barracks to pack before people began trickling home from the initiation.

A man stooped with age tended to the gardens out front,

“How’d it go there, I’m a looking at a new member of the Order?”

“The Order has turned me away. They wish to find me a job within the city in two weeks time. I’ll be out watering plants like you or laboring in the mines with the others.”

The old man looked down at the watering can in his hand.

“What will you do run away, go then little boy. You’ll see the terrors of the forest. You’ll be dreaming of this job when some creature is devouring you whole,”

“You just regret not doing the same, don’t act like I’m out of my mind. I trained for years and they said no!”

“Regret is a monster, to face it alone is man’s destiny, without regret are we really living.” He put down the watering can and straightened up. “Its only in the face of adversity that one can say they are truly living. The decisions you make in the next half hour will shape your future., we both know it. You just have to think would you rather be like me when you’re in your fifties ot dead?”

“The Order isn’t what they say any more, I’m telling you there’s corruption. I trained with them and attended their rituals. They aren’t the pure leaders of your day.” He ran into the empty barracks. The long rooms was empty and eerily quiet. He Raided the room stealing weapons and anything that may help him. Loaded with provisions, and survival gear he grabbed extra  boots and optimistically some winter garb. The care takes was nowhere to be seen when he left his home for good.

All of the entrances were heavily guarded but he was an order initiate he knew about holes in the perimeter. He slipped through the one they dared each other to go out of when they were younger. He slipped beneath the canopy heading south. He walked all evening as the sun slipped away he looked for a place to sleep for the night.

His dreams were full of the stories his grandpa used to tell. Stories of other cities out beyond the forest. Where people lived outside of the Orders domain.

A sharp kick brought reality back quickly. He sputtered for air.
“Tie him up, lets get the hell out of here.”

He could just barely see in the twilight. The things holding his things and tying his hands behind his back were not human.

Day 23 #SeptWritingchallenge

Boom 23 days of writing 500 words or more. Its going to be a stretch to turn that into 2,000 words a day. I’ve got time.

His shoes clacked on the cracked streets as he walked towards home. The skyline he’d grown to call home smiled over him. Illuminating the signs marking every block and traffic regulation. He pulled out his phone and checked it for the hundredth time since he started his walk home. Almost an hour and nothing. He tried to keep his head up, he had been up since 5:30am coffee was next before he finished the trek. He strolled business casually up to the Super America. It was very hard to imagine that its grungy red white and blue had ever been new and shiny.

The door was propped open with a case of Mountain Dew it had been ripped open and the cans were strewn all over the dirty sidewalk. He never really appreciated clean sidewalks too pristine and unused, clearly people hadn’t or didn’t travel on them. The overweight girl at the counter didn’t acknowledge him as he walked by.

“Well hey yo you to, thanks for the bright and cheery Super America howdy.”

He walked to the coffee corner, and pulled a 20oz cup from its dispenser. There were three pots but only one had a brew time written on it.

“Ugh, this was brewed 9 hours ago?” He called back to the cashier.

She stared.

“Hey, can you brew some more coffee, I’ve had a shit night?”

“Every night is shit”

“Why are you so wise?” He laughed and waited.

“I’m not going to”

“Not going to?”

“Not going to make your ass coffee, get an iced one or something we got a microwave.”

He walked out of the store and stole two of the mountain dews off the sidewalk. He popped a can open and sipped the fizz before it could get on his dress pants. He had to be at work in 5 hours. She was right, this night is shit. He walked slowly and sipped on his soda. He couldn’t get it out of his mind it was stuck on replay. A recursive loop of his bad decisions. He tried to rationalize to himself but he couldn’t. There was nobody to blame. He gave the second can to an old man sleeping on a bus bench.

“There you go bud.”

He took it reluctantly and closed his eyes again.

The man could see his apartment looming in the distance, ninety minutes of mulling it over and he still didn’t know what to do or say. He checked his phone hoping for a hint but no. Its notification bar was blank like it always was. He stuck his hands deep into his suit pockets and sped up towards home. At least he could get a few hours of sleep. His clients always knew when he was tired. He rarely wasn’t they ignored his yawns and the dark rings under his eyes as a professional would.

He checked his phone again. There was one new message. His fingers flew through the unlock pattern to see what it said. He read it, and gave his phone to woman walking by with a 40oz in a bag.

“it just says asshole? Are you calling me an assh– Oh my god no!”

He stepped in front to the bus. This night was shit.

Day 22 #SeptWritingChallenge

Here is day 22.

They had only been driving for an hour but the mountains had already swallowed them up. The black Honda civic weaved through their crags and valleys. They towered around the car and cast deep encompassing shadows. The music blared as they both took in the scenery.

“I can’t wait to get there.”

“Its so worth the drive, but the sun sets a lot faster than I expected here.”

“Yeah, I mean its cool now, with the sunset.” He motioned at the valley they were passing.

Deep purple shadows contrasted over the golden landscape. The mountains temporarily released them and they could see for miles. He slowed down for her to take a picture of the scene and tried to smile for a selfie with her. The car veered towards the cliff edge and fishtailed in the gravel as he took control of the wheel.
“What the fuck Jake?” She put her seat belt on and told him to slow down.

“Yeah, probably a good idea, to be honest I haven’t really seen their headlights behind us in a bit. Harrison knows where he’s going he sped off like mad he’s probably already there.”

“Don’t stress babe, just slow down and wait for them.”

He pulled over to the side of the road when the next passing lane came up and hit the emergency lights. He reclined his seat and stretched out as best he could. He pulled her over and stroked her face pushing back the stray hairs over ear like always did. She blushed in the sunset and they passed the time waiting for their friends to show up.

He walked back to the car and checked his phone. Nobody had passed by them yet. It was almost pitch black and getting cooler. The trunk was open and Elle was digging around in her bag. He slapped her ass and she punched him in the shoulder.
“Oh so you want to fight huh.” He raised his hands up and motioned at her with a Morpheus like come-hither.

She ran at him and jumped in the air, as their world exploded with light. He caught her and stumbled toward the road as the pickup truck blared its horn. It raced down the road honking wildly.

“Its about time”  She screamed. They ran to the car.

He checked each pocket, the void between seat and console, on both sides, the glove box the inefficient space under the seats. under the car, in the trunk next to the road and in all the bags.

He was pacing back and forth cursing intermittently. He checked his phone the text he sent hadn’t even been read yet. 

 “Come on!”

“Whats wrong, they’re here just chill. Why do you hate looking for things so much. Think of it like a game, where are your keys?”

“Well, first of all you’re enslaved to an object when looking for it. When it eludes you thanks to your own foolishness in misplacing it. Its maddening right?” 

She Laughed. “Just go check where you peed so we can continue this lecture on the way.”

Day 21 #SeptWritingChallenge

Some brainstorming for my nanowrimo idea. For those unaware NaNoWriMo is a mad dash through the month of November to complete the rough draft of a novel.

The sunset cast purple and gold shadows across the mountains, they stretched out across the desert as if running from nights embrace. on the cliff edge beside him the bonfire was ready. Still tied and gagged to his horse his captive cursed him in inhuman tongues. As the sun had its last word, his eyes narrowed and flashed in the parting light. He rushed over to the struggling possessed and backhanded him for silence. He was gagged and had a black hood pulled down over his head, the innocent eyes always gave him pause. He preferred to not see them, no matter how many he eradicated, they were as vicious as can be but he could always see that pleading piece of humanity that remained in the eyes. Having obviously bitten through the gag in the silence, the possessed began to scream in an attempt to summon its kin.  This one was smart, but the man was smarter he had already warded the cliff, no exra-realm dues ex machina was coming to save the day. He ran a calloused finger over the long scar on his chest, he had learned that lesson long ago He dragged the wailing figure to the fire and bound him to the ground. Spread eagle over the fire, the man knelt down and struck a spark into the kindling. The flame wavered but took hold gradually it licked up at the back of the possessed man. The voice coming from is was utterly primal, an ancient language that the man could hardly understand. He was cursing his future and swearing vengeance, the typical dribble from those being cast out of the material realm after fighting so hard to gain a foothold. He smiled as its death screams echoed into the desert, eventually having enough he turned and walked into the darkness.

He was a ghost, a drifter. Following fleeting clues to track down those possessed by the other realms. He wasn’t the only bounty hunter there were others but they were solitary for good reasons. Each had survived a possession and somehow come out on top, literately imbibing them with a personal demon for the rest of their life. The barely contained entropic force made one unstable to say the leaset. They were outcasts even among one another, most had made pacts that haunted them for life. While riding through the desert onto the next town, he came upon a wagon with a busted wheel, one mule stood content and grazed on the brown grasses. An old man was stooped over the wheel he looked up as the rider approached. He smiled as if greeting a loved one, and ushered him closer. The horse grew uneasy and stamped the ground throwing up a cloud of dust. The old man flashed and appeared next to them causing the horse to rear up and throw the man to the ground. He landed hard and struggled to catch his breath. The old man leaned over and smiled. His eyes were jet black orbs, his features kind and patient. His wicked smile stretched from eat to ear revealing sharp stained teeth. It spoke with a chorus of voices, alternating from chest rattling basses to ear shattering trebles. “Did you miss me boy?”

Day 20 #SeptWritingChallenge

Twenty days! I’m proud and I feel like I’m actually taking the proper steps to become a better writer. For this story I was heavily influenced by “The Last Horror Story in the History of the World”m by Brian Allen Carr and Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.
As rough as a rough draft could be..

He hadn’t slept in a day or two, he focused on the heat rising off the barren desert. His horse was dying. With a last heave of its breath the beast knelt to the ground to never rise again. He continued on foot, the sun had begun its decent promising the temporary relief of a cold desert night. He ate some of his horse that night and pulled up the dry grasses looking for water. In the morning he was violently ill, he wiped his mouth and aligned himself to the sun. Maybe today was his last maybe it wasn’t, did he even care anymore, with his eyes set on the craggy peaks to the east he trudged through the heat. A giant vulture landed down next to him and interrupted his nap. He threw rocks at it until it took up into the air and resumed its circular flight of ensuing doom. As the sun set on day four he shivered with dehydration, his vision wasn’t behaving as it should. He rubbed his eyes hard but it didn’t help.

His dreams were mad, or he was mad. The desert around him was bathed in a cool blue light. He walked naked through the planes, the sharp rocks and cacti didn’t bother him he wasn’t thirsty or hungry. The mountains in the east were towering buildings bigger than he had ever seen. He started running towards the promise of civilization. He almost smiled as they grew closer, a rushing river separated him from his teacher. He could finally continue his lessons and they could practice their arts in seclusion. He waded into the river the water heated around him and turned thick and red. He panicked as something grabbed his ankle and pulled him beneath the blood. He wrestled with something slimy and humanoid, his screams muted by the river of blood filling his mouth. He couldn’t breathe, he would die.

He awoke choking and spitting water out on the desert sand, it evaporated almost instantly. the sun was high in the sky and his sunburn was sunburnt. A wiry old man crouched above him and offered a hide sack to him, he put his lips to the spout and drank deeply. The cool water was all he knew for a minute. The old man had two mules loaded with supplies, he spoke in a guttural language and motioned for the boy to follow him. He struck the mules into motion and started east. They walked silently, at night the man fed him and gave him a blanket to ward of the cold desert night. He didn’t dream that night.

In the morning the man was gone and so was his blanket. The mountains loomed over him though he would surely be there by nightfall. His teacher had told him of the river that wound through them and he had memorized which plants could be eaten. He would survive. As he stepped into the shadow of the mountains he heard a faint whisper. “I helped you, someday I’ll need you to return the favor” he looked around and saw nothing.