Day 1 #JulyWritingChallenge

So I’ve been rather addicted to ‘the’ twitter lately. If your not reading my witless tweets and rambunctious ramblings its not too late! Follow me @this_iswater. Nobody asks so I’ll have you know that ‘This is Water’ is a very eloquent speech given by David Foster Wallace about life in general. (that’s another blog post in and of itself.)  Anyways I noticed a writing challenge going on this morning and got the details. Pretty simple here, 500 words daily posted and shared with the #JulyWritingChallenge hashtag.

Well here goes day 1, I have a story in mind but its still evolving. Here’s the first glimpse at my protagonist and his place of employment. I cheated/overachieved and wrote like 590 words.. I know right?

But first, a minor disclaimer that punctuation has never been my friend, so I’m sure this rough draft is riddled with grammatical mishaps and what have yous. Forgive me or offer your editing skills, whatever. I’d just be pleased if two people read this, that’s including me so I’m going in with real low expectations. ❤

Now, without further ado..

The consistent bell sounding his intrusion was like a metronome keeping his miserable Monday on beat. Of course they hadn’t given him a security code or even told him that one would be required. Trying to arrive early to build a reputation as ‘that guy’ really paid off this time. The building was dark and lit only by the first rays of the sun coming over the horizon, floor to ceiling windows lined one wall illuminating the cubicle farms in sick morning light. Who knows where the light switches are, he began setting up his loaner laptop at his empty desk in the dark. He had stuck a photo of his girlfriend on the computer monitor but it fluttered down into the void between his desk and filing cabinet as he sat down. His pants rose too high while seated partly because he didn’t care but mostly because he couldn’t afford a new pair. Financially stretched far too thin by student debt and his less than reasonable alcohol consumption, Ed was having a bad day. He thought about the lunch he made for himself sitting at home in his A/C-less apartment. The pickle juice slowly seeping through the bread and the banana turning brown in the confines of the small knapsack he used as a lunch box. His stomach growled as loud knocking came from the back of the office. He shrugged and pushed his chair back along the ubiquitous business carpet before rising and making his way towards the banging.

As he rounded the last corner before the break room and the back door flashing red and blue lights played off the portraits of employees on the walls that were far too important for him to know. Their smiling faces sending him cheerily towards the two officers waiting outside the door. He put a smile on and pushed the door open sounding yet another alarm off in the distance, of course there was a separate alarm for the backdoor. He tried to tell two officers about his circumstances but it was too loud so he stepped out and closed the door behind him. As the latch clicked he realized his building keys were sitting next to his keyboard right where he left them. The officers were more reasonable than he expected they nodded grimly as he told them of his plight. Familiar with the situation they said ‘don’t worry about it’ and gave his short pants a disapproving nod before they sauntered back to their patrol car. Ed turned towards the tragically locked back door and tried the handle because he didn’t know what else to do, yep it was still locked.

The parking lot around him was empty, so he hunkered down on the stoop and watched the sunrise, not because he wanted to it was just so damn bright there wasn’t anything else to look at. A black BMW pulled into the parking lot and whipped into a parking spot with practiced ease. A slender man wearing a graphic t-shirt and holding a bag of frosted gas station donuts climbed out. He started walking up to the door but slowed up as he noticed Ed with his chin in hands. Ed stood and tried to make the pleasantries that this particular social situation called for but they eluded him. He stammered something about being new and locked out before he wiped the fresh sweat from his forehead and stepped away from the door. The newcomer was quite young and he reassured Ed that everything was ‘cool man’ before he held his badge up to the keypad and let them back in.

Tune in next time to see if Ed’s day ever gets better or if he gets murdered in his own cubicle.

Who knows?




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