Month: February 2014

Off to a great start..

I started following Ol’ Chuck Wendig’s Blog, its called TerribleMinds, if I knew how to hyperlink that I would. But I started reading through everything he has to say about writing which is well.. A hell of a lot. He has a certain voice in his blog posts that I really enjoy, its always an intriguing and humorous read. Chuck started doing a Flash Fiction challenge, where he gives a prompt every week, The goal is to write it and post to a blog before Friday of that week.

For weeks I had ‘create a blog’ on my to do list. (Yeah, I write lists for future me, what if he doesn’t remember?) Anyways, I failed to actually do it because I know nothing about blogs. I do like to read them though, TerribleMinds and The Art of Manliness are my top two at the moment, I check out Vinyl Pulse and BoingBoing too. Not sure if the Writing Well series by Dan Simmon’s is considered a blog, I highly recommend it. I’m kind of a perfectionist, which may or may not be a good thing, its hard for me to actually start things. I always feel like I should know/prepare more before beginning. Its probably just me rationalizing procrastination.. I’m not waiting anymore its time to blog, so here I am doing it.

While putting the Flash Fiction Challenge off daily, I came across “Shut Up and Write” on Reddit. A challenge to write 25 thousand words in the month of February. The twist is that it must all be posted publicly to count. Having now two reasons to start a blog, I did so. Eight days into February I remembered creating it and figured it was time to post.

I plan on doing the Flash Fiction story prompts that Chuck has every week and the 25k words for February’s ‘Shut up and Write’. I’m going to pick up where I left off in another novel for ┬áthe February challenge. Its a science fiction novel with a meandering plot line that I would like to see completed.

There are several sorts of writers, but the two large groups are those who outline and those who don’t. I’ve attempted both so far, the best results and work in my amateur opinion has been that which I have outlined. What work you ask, well I’ve written about two thirds of a novel half of another and outlined two more. I’ve started countless story prompts and finished few. So uh.. not much, but its a slow thing. Getting motivated to write has always been super difficult, the ‘Applying ass to chair’ phase.. I’m slowly mastering it, and finding that a pre-writing routine, or a writing spot is good to have. Also writing with shoes on like I’m at work or school has helped.

In the end, writing is damn hard, but I enjoy it enough to return over and over. Its a goal of mine to make writing a daily process and to create characters and worlds for as long as I can.

Hopefully having something up publicly will help motivate me to write more bad stories. As Chuck Wendig says “you have to write through the suck.”

— I need to figure this wordpress thing out, then I can entertain you with photo’s and links to links. Oh the fun we’ll have.